Another Megg Bag

This is both good and bad; Megg Hewlett's life is taking her to England in the foreseeable future, and I may have seen her for the last time for a while a week ago Friday. It's a good move, and I'm happy for her, but I'm sad for me. However, we still hope to do a joint exhibition some day, and her being in England is not only going to change her art, but no doubt she'll alert me to lots of textile things from over yonder. Yay!

She opened up the boot (trunk) of the car and allowed me to pick a bag, so I chose this one, because this is one of Megg Hewlett colors. But I couldn't think of anything to swap with her right away, (I had four cashmeres on the living room floor!!) so I haven't started using this yet.

She said this style is good for keeping shoes!! NEVER!! If I knitted, it'd make a perfect knitting basket!!

(To make the color of the bag as accurate as I could on my screen, I exaggerated the green hue for the entire pic, resulting in our house looking a little sick and my mud-dyed cloth inauthentic. So, just look at the bag, please? Thanks.)

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