Dorothy's Gamp

Trust me, this is worth a look. There are more posts on her blog relating to this piece, too.

I have a question, though; with all these different structures, how on earth did she keep the selvedge so even?


Dorothy said...

Hi Meg, just found my way to the post by accident, trying to find something I read somewhere about silk...

The answer to your question is I used a temple. Nasty dangerous thing with wicked spikes! I handled it with great care and moved it on every 1/2 inch. It was necessary because of course all those different structures behave a bit differently, and I think that without it the selvedges would have wiggled all over the place.

Meg said...

Ah huh, the T word. I forgot about those things. They look so lethal, I wonder if you can put them in your carry on luggage! I wonder if it's hight time I looked into getting one.