Festive Towel Exchange (Last Update November 26)

** Final closing date is Saturday 6 December in your time zone. **

1) You weave one or two or three or however many kitchen/tea towels you wish. Alternatively, you can weave finger/guest towels, or face cloths; if you weave the smaller items, you may wish to weave a set of two to make your gift roughly equivalent in size/volume to one kitchen/tea towel. Or not, if you are, for e.g. embellishing them with embroidery, etc. Up to you.

2) Then you name each towel, or each set of smaller items, and email me:
  • The name and up to three photos for each towel, or each set of finger/guest towels or face cloths, e.g. "Christmas on the Beach" tea towel, or "Pacific Island Holiday" set of face cloths. If you have a blog of your own, you have the option to post your photos on your own blog and send me the url instead;
  • Your real name and a physical address (PO Boxes permitted) for posting;
  • Your blog or web URL or email address, and on-screen name if you prefer, so "visitors" can contact you from the Internet exhibition if they wish. No need for this if you're posting on your own blog;
  • If you want to say a few things about your towels or yourself, by all means, please do so. But if you're the strong, silent type, no need.
  • You may wish to add a little note to me to express personal preferences on holiday motifs, e.g. "I'm an agnostic/skeptic, so no crosses, thanks, but trees and bells are great." If we have enough choices, we'll see what we can do.
Keep the towel/s with you for now.

3) I collate the photos and put them up on the web much like SSVE, but most probably as I receive them, rather than having an "opening" night. And like SSVE, first pic to arrive is made into our exhibition poster. If you post pics on your own blogs, I'll have the links available from this blog and my Flickr and from all the other participating blogs.

4) I'll ask a neutral party, like Nancy or Ben, to mix/match towels and select exchange partners.

5) I'll email you name/address of the person to whom you are sending your towel/set/s, and you post it/them.

6) You can then eagerly by your mailbox, unless it's buried under heavy snow, to receive your towel/set/s. You will receive the same number of towel/set/s you send out, naturally.

7) You can start sending me pics, or post towel pics on your blogs, any time. All photos and other information are due in the first instance on 31 October, and then finally Saturday 6 December in your time zone.

Happy, festive weaving, lovely participants.

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