Dichotomies Everywhere

The rejection by Santa Fe and your comments promoted me to think, very simplistically in a way I can build an action plan on this experience, thus: not edgy = boring = (in my case, among other things) need more colors = try serious Randying.

On the other hand, I am Japanese, and I love reduction/simplification, and I was getting really excited as I was replying to comments here about Zen in designs, particularly in revisiting Japanese tea ceremony, nature's natural-ness as its primary principle vs choreography.

Without getting into target markets and compatibility with galleries, etc., I think I need to proceed in two different directions. Or four. I'm finding dichotomies everywhere and I've been trying to post about another problem.


  1. Focus Meg.
    Focus on what made you happy when you were seven. Focus.........
    It's right there.
    Within your grasp.
    Open up and take it Meg.
    No labels.
    Just take it....and run!
    It's a beautiful world.

  2. Meg, I think you make the art you need to make, and then you find a place for it. Or not. this is the good thing about Etsy, I reckon. You make what you make, and you then have a place to display it. Lots of people see it, comment on it (and you get to be in control of how it's displayed- as a good photographer that would be power in your hands!), and sometimes buy it! Not to say that you shouldn't be navel gazing, but, you know!

  3. Copy Lynne's poem into a word doc. Put it into an font you find attractive and a size you can read. Print it out, frame it, put it on your loom.

  4. Seven! That's when I failed art, Lynne! Ha ha ha!!! I was so shocked I don't remember much about my art classes from seven to about ... 15! But I know what you mean, and thanks.

    Taueret, I think you're right, I think it's time to start looking at Etsy; Megg Hewlett and I were looking at it the other day, supposedly discussing pros and cons, but we really didn't have any cons.

    Yes, Peg! Right Away, Peg! Hee hee...

  5. Yes, right away. And make it as lovely as you can so that it pleases you to look at those words every day.

  6. Yeah, but I changed the word "seven" to "little", Peg.

  7. You failed art at seven? That is not your failure, Meg, that is a failure of the school, the curriculum, the ethos. I think it should be carved into the walls of primary schools: it is not possible to fail art at seven. Perhaps even take the 'art' out of that statement.

  8. Oh, yes. I did/they did, Cally. Second term of school. No wonder I remember very little about art classes from school!


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