On days like these I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to swear. A lot.

I spent a good portion of the day trying to convince half a dozen Telecom Call Centre brats my phone, once again, gets cut off the minute I pick it up. I missed three calls today, and my cotton guy, Adam from DEA Yarns is possibly in Nelson, and he said he might ring me if/when he is. This exact phone problem I have about ever 2 years and, surely, they can see the history on their system. I have to do the same exercise of describing the problem, doing the line check (which involves crawling under Ben's desk and unplugging the main phone line from a jack I can't see but can feel, inviting lots of dust bunnies in my hair), hanging up, waiting for them to call back, etc, etc, etc. every tijme. When I finally found a chap who wanted to help me, we were talking on my cell while I plugged/unplugged lines, and guess what battery went flat? Well, I waited, then rang their Call Centre, but the chap never rang me back. So some time next week, I'll have to repeat the whole exercise. Telecom New Zealand has one of the worst customer services I have ever known in my 50 years in three countries, seriously bad services.

And I was very angry while weaving the second half of the scarf but I had only 400 picks to go when I noticed one of the shafts wasn't lifting. I stopped weaving, checked the shafts and lines, lifted every shaft, one at a time, then in plain weave, and all worked, so I wove on, but Shaft 12 kept on lifting sporadically. I'm not sure if you can see it in this pic, but today was definitely a crawling-under-large-wooden-furniture day.

So I quit. I don't want to abort this piece because other than Shaft 12 in the last, say, 10 cm, it's been going great, and I am so behind. But I don't want to climb up and open the black box or adjust cords, etc., mid-scarf.

So I think I'll swear loudly and stomp around the house looking very cross tonight.


Peg in South Carolina said...

aaak! how absolutely dreadful! I'd be so furious I'd be unable to speak. And I'm not sure dinner would be served either........


Okay, put down all the point object in the house, breathe in and out in long bouts. Take lime, tequila, ice and salt, drink some and relax, sulk and repeat.

bspinner said...

I know I would be more than "very cross".
Hopefully your day will be better tomorrow.

Meg said...

Thanks, ladies. I couldn't sleep last night, and at 3:45AM, I decided when I come home today, I'll unweave/unpick the 10+cm with the fault. Hopefully when I rework that portion, Shaft 12 will lift!

Dee End, LOVE your solutions. I need some tequila. I polished 1/2 package of very chocolaty cookies and I thought I'd get sick.