Good News/Bad News Day

The good news are:
1) Very little rain, no wind. And we have several litters of water saved last night before Bad 1) started.
2) I finished "reading" Dr JBT's "Stroke of Insight" once, and have started on the second round. My left brain is overdeveloped, which I knew; it means I learned well what I was taught.

The bad news are:
1) Water out of the tap smells like a swimming pool first thing Monday mornings, and looks like cold Seven Up. See Good 1) above.
2) My left brain is overdeveloped; I need to unlearn a whole lot.
3) This morning it was Shaft 12's turn to stay in bed, while Shaft 11 was behaving. I chopped up my 15-shaft draft from roughly 2200 picks to a little under 300. Repeating shorter sets makes the scarf more predictable and boring to me, but under the circumstances, I thought a smaller repeat would make it easier to detect mistakes and backtrack. Nine repeats of the 300 picks should weave a scarf of respectable length.

Until about 5 inches in; then, Shaft 7 started to lift when it was not supposed to. This also means it's not the clipped plastic piece of Shaft 11 alone that's causing me headache. I stopped weaving and finally accepted I must make do with the pieces already woven; three OK ones, possibly a fourth depending on how it looks after washing.

Next on my list:
1) Study more about left & right brains. I came across it for the first time in the mid-70's while studying neuro-linguistics and stroke and epilepsy patients. (This was back in the days when Noam Chomsky was the star transformational-generative grammarian.) I kept up my reading in a most abridged, rudimentary way, but once again I am fascinated, especially since so much have been found out in the last 30 years. I'm particularly interested because we weavers need both parts of our brains in more "equal" proportions than other art practices. Anybody know of a good read?
2) I need to make up an mini exhibition with the small number of items I've got. I need to come to terms with the fact that it's still more important to feel excited about the opportunity, than to be disappointed that I've not achieved what I set out to do, meaning, in this case, more pieces.
3) I really need to investigate what the heck is going on with my setup.


Peg in South Carolina said...

You are definitely not having a good time! I remember the left- right-brain thing, but don't remember which was which. But I can see why weavers (especially weavers with computer-driven looms...........grin!) would need a lot of each side.........

Valerie said...

How about the recent title The Brain That Changes Itself which can be found here:


Meg said...

Yeah, Peg, we do, don't we.

Valerie, thanks for the recommendation. I shall go look into it.