So What do You Really Think?

I might be a suspicious person by nature, though at other times I'm so gullible.

When in Fifth Grade (age 10), our Home Economics teacher was in a bad accident as a result of crossing the main road near school where you weren't meant to cross. A few weeks later my classmates told me, an old man-teacher, who retired from a public school, was going to come and teach us Home Ec, and of course I had no reason to doubt them, did I?

This week I heard from the grandmother who ordered the baby blanket to tell me she visited him and loved the blanket, and sent me a picture of a little-boy-who-is-not-a-baby-any-more; I also heard from the client who just received her cashmere lime sorbet, and she liked it, too.

I'm very anxious until I hear back from my clients after I post commission pieces. Of course I'd like to hear what they thought, and I hope to hear that they liked the pieces, and I don't look forward to the possibility of, "Well, in fact......" But will they tell me if they were less than 100% pleased? Or if they thought I charged too much? Or they think I mislead them to thinking it was going to be something else entirely? I've never had anything returned; two clients keep ordering more. But I have woven a second, alternate piece for about one-third of my commission orders when I didn't like the first pieces. And commission has become a bit too nerve-wrecking recently. It's about compliments and taste all over.

And then the full-on suspicion: in New Zealand, I often hear my weaving described as "cleaver". I don't know what they mean. Where I grew up, "cleaver" was not necessarily a compliment; in some cases it was synonymous to "sly", so are they saying something about me now???

* * *

OK, "clever", definitely not "cleaver". What a place for a typo. And then I used the wrong bracket, "<", for the correction, so HTML of course ate that up! "CLEVER!"

* * *

End of suspicion. Gotta work. I had a nice time at the opening last night, and want to share that experience with you later, too.


  1. ha ha, cleaver shmeaver, yur a top chuck, mite.

  2. So I see cleaver and think "sharp," and "cutting edge." So I'm thinking that they think your work is outstanding!

    Just rest assured that if a client doesn't like something you've done, or thinks that you've overcharged, they will certainly let you know, and most in a loud voice. :)

    You are so conscientious and such a talented person -- relax, and enjoy having your work walking around. Brava!!

    Weave on!

  3. Maybe clever? I agree either cleaver or clever your work ROCKS!

    Enjoy it, be proud of it and own it. It's you!

  4. Oh, fudge.... It's a typo. weavers, I meant "clever". How embarrassing. I knew yesterday was seriously not my day...

  5. Megs, how fun! As a Yank, I'm thinking that 'cleaver' was a Kiwi term! :-) I'd have never known it was a typo. Love it when things like that happen.

  6. Well, Jane, I've never been a good typist, and a life-long mis-speller, but auto correct has really done me service/disservice. I don't even pick typos when I read or edit necessarily. Shame!!


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