"I'm not feelin the love with Hippiepunk"

The title is a line from one of Lynne's posts. I'm trying to emulate the joy she imparts when she talks about her work, even when it's not necessarily working. I can't stop the chatter in my head about my direction, but today is the wrong day to think about it.

A few weavers from Blenheim are in town today; of course I was planning to join them, but I've given it a miss. My brain feels it hasn't had oxygen in a week. I might try gardening a go. (I have to be pretty desperate to say that publicly!) Or I'll weave more of the cotton.

Thanks for all of your comments these last few days; they have been delicious, nutritious food for thoughts. I'm loving the collaborative "What's Next for Meg" search.


Anonymous said...

Oh meg, that was a REALLY bad day. I slugged thru it and Hippiepunk performed like a Rockstar at the last moment.

Literally I selected someone from the audience to model the coat minutes before my presentation. She is an athlete so she fit the coat snug...which solved all of the stainless steel thread shorts. I was soooooooooooooo fortunate!

You too will have the oh so fortunate moments. Enjoy the garden. Drink lots of water. And deep breathing.....in with good.....out with the bad.

Love the handpainted tile in your kitchen!!! Such personality.

Follow your bliss.
Powerful Positive Vibes.

Meg said...

Seriously, Lynne? Never would have guessed that... And nah, you were the rock star, but I'm glad you got lucky!

I just made stew for tonight. That was blissful. At least I wasn't thinking of anything else while I was cutting up onions and crushing garlic...

Bliss, eh? Hummmm..... Not blister?

Dorothy said...

Hi Meg, I just called by and read several posts you've made since I was last here.

Re. zen, design, and Japanese traditions, I recently learnt about wabi sabi. For me, at last, this gave some kind of description of what I look for in design.

So how do you get from wabi sabi to "edgey"? Yikes, they want edgey? I get to thinking mentally disturbed when I read this!!

Anyway, are you weaving to satisfy someone else's aesthetic, or out of what comes from inside you and you know and understand?

Please don't think of deleting your blog, keep the rest of us out here company and weave on! I like what you're about!

Meg said...

Ooh, ooh, I could revamp and start a new blog called "The Demented Weaver!!" I like that!! Though I'm not supposed to say these things any more. (I'll post what Nancy told me shortly.)

I think, to put things in a typically over-simplified manner than is mine, "edgy", whatever it means to whoever thinks about it, is one way of elevating craft to art. Something nobody else seems to be doing, something new, something fresh. And for now, that's now what I want to weave. I think. If I stick to my own aesthetics.

This is why I love to weave to exhibit - I only answer to myself. But to weave something to scrutinized by a gallery with the prospect/hope of them stocking my stuff, I definitely think of both of our aesthetics, and thereby emerge my quasi-sub-"brands" or lines.

Gee, marketing is so much easier to understand than art/craft!!