Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sales or Jinx?

We're back from a sneak preview on Kath's party, (so many cars we had to park down the road,) and then taking down my wee exhibition and unloading the stuff downstairs, before we head back to the party, and then on to Tim Wraight's 50th birthday.

Guess what? I hung six small scarves, four medium ones and three picture frames, but there were only four small ones today. I was overjoyed I sold two, (because, honestly, I wasn't expecting to,) when the volunteer-on-duty said there was no record of any sales so they must have been pinched! Immediately I thought these cottons are really jinxed, and the only reason why I didn't get any pinched at the Suter was because we secured them so firmly. Then she spoke to someone and there's a chance the sales were recorded in their regular sales notebook, rather than on the exhibition sheet.

So, watch this space, I guess. Good thing there is a photograph taken by Fibre Spectrum staff showing six!


  1. No!

    For your sake, I'm hoping they're not. While I'm sure it's a compliment that your scarves are so desirable, that's not the way you want to shift any!

    Fingers crossed there's a sale recorded somewhere. Do you have any recourse to the gallery if they have been stolen?

  2. No, no recourse. Lately all the exhibitions stipulate that we insure our work against theft - as if we can afford it. The prognosis by Susie the exhibition coordinator isn't good, either. Holy hell...

  3. I'm sorry to hear it Meg.
    I hope their accounting turns up the sale in their books for you!

  4. I hope so, too, but it's a coop, so they're meeting this Saturday, and I won't hear from them until Monday at the earliest, I guess...


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