Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Many Ways Can Life Go Wrong? Let Me Count the Way...

Well, it's not that bad, I assure you. I feel a little cheated because I just haven't had a nice break this year where everything falls into its place. Or rather, I haven't had a break from minor health complaints; is this normal life after 50?

I was enjoying weaving my towels in Swedish cottolin - I put on a 8 meter warp, 16-end straight draw in two gray-browns. I made this warp over 18 months ago and each stripe had 16 ends and having doodled a little about how I might try a pointed threading with 16 ends in each set, I just went with the straight draw and downloaded a bunch of drafts from, but I said that last week, didn't I?

The cottonlins have been a bit dusty so I wore a crude, old plastic dust mask in a style that's been discontinued but covers my flat face adequately. Well, since Friday I couldn't stop coughing and I've had an itchy throat, and this week I've been doubling over coughing so I eased off weaving. Then I did something to my right ankle and it throbbed all Sunday. Came Monday I felt so grubby I actually went out and weeded the garden a bit - it was either that or stay in bed. My ankle healed just like that!! (What's that all about!!) But my cough (??) got worse, so yesterday was mope-around-the-house day eating overly-chocolately Christmas treats, blowing my nose and wanting to get on with things. Then I noticed last night my left ankle was throbbing, and I decided to be in denial of the whole thing. Then, last night, Ben started coughing and his nose is stuffy, too. So it wasn't the cottolins?

Yuck, yuck, yuck! I wished I had a complaint-free health for a month. And I was doing so well with three-times-a-week gym routine.


  1. OMG, Meg, you are absolutely falling apart! I love you anyway!

  2. The thing that bothers me the most is that I am probably exercizing more regularly than ever before, and we really don't eat bad foods, and I feel so responsible for my bad shape!! Yikes, Connie, yikes!!

  3. Yeah, really. I'm going to be really cross soon if I don't shape up!


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