Could You Please, Please, Please...

If you have your own business card, swing tags/care instructions, letterheads/envelopes/stickers, rubber stamps, or cloth labels, can you please, please, please:

* Photograph them and post them on your blog and let me know that you've done so by email or in the comment section to this post, or
* Email me pic files, or
* Send them to me at: Meg Nakagawa, PO Box 1752, Nelson 7040 New Zealand, and if you'd like them back, please include a return address and contact email.

I'll post everything I receive here or on my Flickr if anyone else is interested. I'm very keen to see how weavers use these marketing tools. Thank you very much in advance.

PS. Talking with Ben and looking over all the paper tools I have, I realized I've never put my logo anywhere on the web site or the blog. Not sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing, but this kind of an inconsistency is a bit out of character. Oh well, maybe it means it's time to change my logo.

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Bonnie Tarses Cloth Labels - scroll down on the post a little bit
Cally Booker Moo Cards
Cally Booker Cards


  1. Here is a link to an earlier blog post of mine that shows my woven labels. http://weavingspirit.blogspot.com/2007/10/unusual-towel-exchange-woven-labels-and.html

  2. Thank you, Bonnie. I seem to remember seeing this post!

  3. I don't have cards at present but I'm thinking about them, so I'd be very interested in the path you do take.

    I've seen a couple of weavers who've gone with Moo, and have been thinking of doing so myself.

  4. Geodyne, as someone who lives in the country that makes Moo, are they expensive compared to, say, if you went to a printer and requested something similar?

  5. In the UK now it is much cheaper to go to an internet company (like Vistaprint or the Postcard Company) than it is to get anything made locally, which makes me rather sad. I did a lot of research into this for the Bradford show in 2007 as we had to have business cards for that. I'd rather support local business but as a student my budget is extremely limited. I have since ordered some MOO cards which are definitely pricier, but the advantage is that you can have them made up in a variety of designs rather than 500 all the same (of which I still have about 490!). They are lovely quality too.

  6. P.S. The reason for getting the MOO cards was to use them as swing tags which coordinated with the woven items - photos of the finished article when it was still a warp, e.g. I think I posted about them, but I'll pop a couple in the post :-)

  7. Cally, you did post about them - I seem to recall reading it. I do love the Moo quality, and because we have such a small selection in Nelson, I tend to look to the US and UK for newer, brighter ideas at a relatively affordable prices. In Nelson, for example, we have an excellent publisher of mainly photographic books who could potentially, I had unlimited funds AND if I wanted to spend that on marketing, do things the way I'd like them done, but unfortunately/luckily I don't have that kind of $.

    Plus I don't need so many cards at once, though I know the more I order the cheaper.

    I've never approached a local printer, but I'm so fussy I'm hesitant to do that, and I feel so disappointed when businesses make me compromise, or make me feel as if I'm imposing on them. In contrast, I know what Moo delivers so it seems much easier than fighting it out until they get it right. I'm truly blessed as regards woven labels in this respect.

    I've not investigated the on-line printers within New Zealand; I've seen one that a friend had done, but they were free so they had the company name on it, and I wouldn't choose that route. But I might look into that other companies.

    Anyhoo, I look forward to seeing your Moos. Thank you, Cally.

  8. Cally's Moo post is here: http://callybooker.wordpress.com/2008/06/22/moo/

  9. Ooh, you found it - well done! I thought it was longer ago too - what a long year this has been...

  10. Meg, I think I included my "cards" in the package. They were designed by my husband and I print them as needed. I'm not really in the marketing business anyway!

  11. Wow, great, Susan. Look forward. Designed by Mr Susan sounds wonderful.


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