I am, I am.

I decided one of the ideas I was warming to needs to go. I can't explain it well, but if you imagine a glorified hanging/revolving lamp shade, you're not far. Still, I keep making this warp.

I don't know what it's going to be, what structure or threading I'm going to use, and I'm not even sure what sett I'm going to use. It's the 2/60 cotton, and I liked around 33 EPI with 2/20 cottons, so somewhere between 96 to 99 sounds good. Theoretically. Mathematically. So I'm making an 16-inch/40cm-wide warp in all the colors you see in the pic yesterday, 99 x 16 being the exact number of heddles I have on my big loom.

While I'm going through the motion of making the warp, I discovered I don't know what "conceptual" means in art-making; I know the dictionary definition, but I'm pretty sure there's more to it. And I keep confusing "conceptual" with "installation".

If you went to art school, please, please, please tell me your understanding of the word "conceptual", as well as how you might interpret "showcase the use of fibre and textiles in a challenging and more conceptual way." I don't need examples of projects, but some pointers as to how to how to look at this project?

Only last night I said I was going to continue Summer-Blog-Lite for a while. Turns out I lied. I'm becoming a bit bogged down.


  1. an old architecture school trick - define the words then make the sketch.



    when all else fails go to wiki

    Try not to think of winning or being noticed. think about what makes you happy - create what makes you smile with joy Meg! Create something that puts a smile on your face, then we will all smile with you!

  2. Thanks, Lynne.

    No, I have no hopes of winning his one, but I would like to get in, get selected, almost for the sake of non-conceptual craft.

    Then we can all laugh like hyenas! Sounds like a plan, Lynne, yeah?


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