What a Nightmare!

I woke up this morning dreaming the Red Gallery had turned into a gallery/toy store and I was working full time until the 23rd! What a total nightmare, with children screaming and parents getting angry, and at one point, I lost my blouse! What does it all mean??

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  1. There's more. Keanu Reeves turned out to be the owner of another gallery in town where I sell my scarves, and he dropped by to give me a memo about greeting cards his gallery is going to sell, which somehow involved my working at his gallery as well, but the memo was a scribble on an unrelated, colorful brochure and I didn't understand it and then I lost the memo in the toy store crowd. Luckily he was gone by the time I lost my blouse.

    It ended, though, with a huge, scary man standing outside my home front door, and I stood motionless inside wondering if the door had been locked, and it wasn't, and he opened the door and I woke up.

    Good grief. What kind of a day is this going to be? I did contact a local greeting card maker and asked for a sample pack yesterday and her hubby is coming to the Red next week, but I made clear everything is up to Jay. I've also suggested perhaps Kath would be interested in visiting Jay to see if the Red would like to have a few of Kath Bee CD... Do you think I think I'm overstepping my boundaries? The brochure could have been Kath's CD release party brochure...


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