And the Marketing Saga of 2008

Cally Booker commented:
"I am not sure that a logo as such is strictly necessary. Of course, it can be fun and recognisable, but your name can serve that purpose too. My problem is commiting myself to something that "seems like a good idea at the time" - I have a lot of ideas like that! That's why my blog is called callybooker and not something clever; I was afraid that what I thought was clever this week would annoy me hugely the next. It took me ages to come up with my etsy name "bonnyclaith" and I am still cautious about it. I reckon I'd need to give myself another couple of years to develop a logo. On the other hand I will still be called Cally Booker and in my wilder dreams I dare to hope that is label people will associate with my weaving."
Which made me think of where I want to be in 10 years, instead of why I have all this. And by all this, I mean, my name, MegWeaves, and the yellow logo. I spent time thinking and designing the last two, and they all seemed like good finalists at the time.

I've been using colors, many of them, and different ones, which probably prompted me to want to revamp my brand visually. I was embarrassed to see my faded business card/swing tag. One other thing is I sometimes use this removable stickers to put prices on, but with ink-jet-printable homemade cards, the stickers can't be removed cleanly. But all this is in the past.

I'm not making drastic changes right now, like discarding the business cards and care labels I've already printed out, but I think I will phase out the yellow logo. I've got so many cloth labels so they will stay, which means on paper and electronically I will continue to use my name and MegWeaves in monotype corsiva in black or gray.

I'll see how my direction in weaving and, ok, vision, change. I'll need business cards in the relatively near future, but as I feel some changes coming in my weaving, I don't want to rush into another logo I need to abandon in another few years.

Oh, I'm still getting some moo cards, just because they are so lovely, but I don't feel they need to be a permanent fixture in the business of my weaving. Just like the postcards I have made up over the years to send to friends and clients. I want to be professional in my approach, but I'm trying out "laid back" and "taking it easy".


Carol said...

I've been thinking about moo cards for ages but just never did anything about it. I think they look lovely too. Do you need a whole lot of photos on Flickr to do it? I'll probably find the answer as I read your posts backwards.

Meg said...

Carol, in case you haven't found out, there's 100 cards in the tiny (original) Moo card pack, but you can select one or 100 pics. They kind of divide them nearly equally, so Ben's been sitting next to me these last few days picking out 50 pics so he'd get 2 each, but his plan is chanting all the time as he finds older pics of his.