A Little Aesthetic Relief

Cally Booker kindly sent me some of her moo cards as well as a postcard and a business card, which I received yesterday. Have a look; lovely, aren't they? As regards her postcard, Cally writes:
"I had these postcards made for the Bradford show as well and almost hate them now - everyone says "I like your tartan..."
I agree, absolutely definitely not tartans, but rich, seductive and fabulous, Cally. Though you may need to move out of Scotland to be understood.

Thanks. I'm starting to warm to the idea of Moo care labels. Ben thinks it's a great idea.


  1. Wouldn't it be great if on the moo cards you could have those little symbols for care instructions.

    I like the moo cards too. Your photo in your banner would be lovely.

    I am rethinking storage of my yarns today. I have very few cones since I mostly do tapestry and small frame loom weaving. I have kept them in baskets, like a hamper, in the past. But I find I am too lazy to dig to the bottom, (probably where the best yarns are hiding.) So, I am thinking of stuffing them into narrow bookshelves, just like in the knitting store. But then do I separate them out by fiber? Or just go by color? So many decisions!

  2. I swear, Dana, part of getting right into this Award project must be to delay having to think about tidying. It's that daunting!

    Re your sorting, if you do tapestry only, I'm inclined to go by colors, just because it would look so pretty on the shelves!


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