Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What about 2009 Then?

In 2008, too often I cut too close to deadlines (or just silly-stupid-behind), and I didn't enjoy working this way, so I want to avoid it. I also recycled work from one exhibition to another, and it's good that I have enough pieces to be able to do that, but for exhibitions, I'd like to cover most of the space with new work.

At the end of 2009, I hope to have no pending projects which were supposed to have been finished prior to that time. No leftover draft posts, either.

In 2009, I want to handle gallery stocks in a more systematic manner. In addition to the Red and the Suter, I will definitely have stuff at the Refinery, finally. Then later, I would like to look for one outlet outside Nelson and I will also look into Etsy or similar.

In 2009, I must make my static web site more interesting by adding contents. The point of moving my website from the computer under Ben's desk to Blogger was for me to be able to add/update incrementally. I've been asked a couple of time why the photos of my past work had disappeared. And it's hardly the case that I find posting on Blogger onerous or difficult, is it?

In 2009, I would like to try dyeing. And unlike all previous years I said this without conviction, I would like to actually do it. And continue to experiment with colors.

As regards the business/marketing side of weaving, I'd like to tidy my desk and my head and come up with a system so in the long run I simplify that less enticing side of my life.

On the creative front, I would like to plan less and enjoy more. I would like to try new methods and processes as well as aesthetics. I think this means, in 2009, I will finally be my own apprentice.

And while apprenticing, I hope to choose my friends wisely, and be amongst people who have similar outlook, attitude and aspirations. I want to connect with encouraging, forward-looking friends. And it's a cinch with the Internet. Who knows, I may even try sending something in exhibitions far, far away.

Looking at the bigger picture, I want to spend time decluttering and beautifying my house and garden. I am happiest when surrounded by order, but more than that, I would like the place I live to reflect my aesthetics, rather than my work pattern/style or character.

And I would like to spend a bit more time cooking and baking, and taking more self-congratulatory photographs. Nothing wrong in trying to please the toughest critic.

And finally, I wish you, dear friends, health, content, beauty, challenges, elation, thrills, triumphs, steady Internet connection, kind warps, and lovely cups of tea (or hot choc) in 2009.


  1. wow! You have put so much thought into it. If you succeed at even half your resolutions, you will have one much in the coming year.

    Now, happy New Year and a toast to you and your artwork!

    Love, Dana

  2. My dad was really big on New Year's resolutions, Dana. So being the obliging eldest child that I am, I start thinking about this early - sometimes in October or November. My sister, on the other hand, one year resolved never to have another New Year's resolution again, ever, and she's managed just fine every since.

  3. Dear Meg, I wish you all the best with your resolutions. They all sound so wise and necessary and even if you only manage to do some of them I think it will be an achievement to be proud of. As it is you always seem to me to do such a lot and your work is so beautiful - remember, I've seen some of it, so I know this. One of my resolutions is to visit the Portage again soon so I'll hope to see you again then. Love, Carol

  4. You are too kind, Carol. But for me, it's important to have goals, and look back at the end of the year, as well. "Relaxing" sounds like a good goal, though, doesn't it? And I'm going to be preposterous! All year, starting in two hours!


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