Catching Up

Sales or jinxed? One was sold, another was stolen, so I think my cottons are officially jinxed. They paid me 1/2 of the wholesale price for the stolen piece, which I appreciate because I was expecting to get nothing for it.

Daniel Allen went to Auckland to shoot David Beckham (of the soccer/football fame) for the Australian Marie Claire. Daniel is English and football-mad, so I bet he was over the moon. You could say, my scarves were photographed by the guy that did the Beckham spread. Hee hee, hah hah.

And speaking of photography, Kath used pics I took over the years in her new CD, so... See it? See it? (Though one of the pics I know did not take, and Ben thinks he took the one shown here, but we cant' be sure because we shot a lot of similar ones at that Mapua Easter 2007 gig.)


  1. I was thinking about those scarves last night and was planning to ask what had happened, today!

    So sorry you had one stolen. Sincere as the flattery may be, it's still not nice to have had the loss.

  2. The disappointing thing is that nobody tried to contact me at any stage in anyway, so I had to chase them up, until I got this cheque (no letter, no card) in the mail today, but as I said, I am grateful for the money. I need to think of seriously securing these down or else I don't want to sell them through galleries any more!

  3. Geodyne, Ben thinks I should name my next cotton piece/series, "Jinxed".

  4. I do think that theivin' really is the very sincerest form of flattery, hon.

  5. It's a great idea, Meg - I can picture it now. All red, black, orange blue and purple, and tied with with huge chains!

  6. girl! You have to worst luck with shoplifting.

    Maybe your gallery should put them under glass, but then you can't feel them. Still, I just can't imagine how heartbreaking to have so many stolen.

  7. Taueret, I agree.

    Geodyne, yeah, ha ha ha... big chains with a cannonball at the end!

    The thefts took place at two different places, Dana, that's what worries me. It is the size and the weight of the scarves, though it's by no means an unusual size...

  8. Just learned that on Saturday, a wedding dress was pinched off of a mannequin at the local charity shop! What is this town coming to...


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