The August One's Care Instruction Booklet

Randy Darwall's "swing tag" is the realm of a souvenir booklet. I don't know if his business card relates to the booklet and I don't know the bookbinding lingo, either; sorry.

Textured paper.

Photo and bio on lavender-gray paper.

Piece-specific info in the middle page, in His own handwriting.

I cant' remember if the booklet was attached to the scarf, and if so how, but the string is a fancy yarn unrelated to the ones used in the scarf. I'd imagine someone makes up multiple booklets at once, and then the piece-specific info is entered as the scarves are finished.

Exhibition and collection info.

Care and maintenance instructions. (Maintenance?)

Cover when opened up. The photograph, I believe, is from one of the quilts.

The booklet, when folded, is 5.5 cm (<2>4 in.) tall.


  1. I'm just sitting here blinking in awe...

  2. this is really beautifully done and yes, It is like a keepsake, I would keep it if I had one of his scarves!

  3. I've seen his scarves in boutiques. They don't always have these booklets, but when they do, they are attached to the scarf. I agree, they are memory keepers!

  4. Geodyne, thank you, that's the response I was looking for. We can't help it, can we... Sigh...

    Dana, keepsake, yes. I'm not aiming for cards and tags of this heft, you understand, but for RD pieces, these are just perfect!

    Peg, yeah? Do you know which part of the scarves they are attached to, fringe, the body of the scarf, or hung around tags? In our case, the scarves got passed around class as examples, and we could photograph them and handle them, so I'm pretty sure the tags were cut off beforehand. But I can't be 100% sure... Gosh, the workshop feels like a lifetime ago...

  5. They were attached to the body of the scarf, at one end, with a little gold safety pin.


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