Well, Well...

I've been sick, again, or rather, still. This summer cold keeps morphing into different forms I can't catch up with it; I swear, my body is trying to go one-up on my hypochondria. Never mind, I have to go to work this afternoon, and a bit of catching up to do here later.

Meanwhile, I do hope you're all enjoying the festive season. Islamic New Year is coming up real soon, Hanukkah follows, then Christmas and New Years. (Growing up in Japan, I always thought the Mahayana ["Greater Vehicle" which I always remember as "Big Wheel"] Buddhism lacked in colorful festivities, so I was grateful for the hoo-hah of the Catholic holidays.) If you've children or are welcoming friends and relatives over the holidays, I hope you're not stressing out. Deal with the preparation as you would a stray warp end; take command!

OK, later.


  1. I've been sick with the flu and dual earaches it's been a week and still no relieve. I have Christmas Eve at my house, Noche Buena, for Cuban's is a big deal. Lots of stress and cooking, but not this year I ordered out for 30 PPL and am loving the idea of only worring about appetizers and dessert. I hope you feel better.

  2. at first I had thought your summer cold has turned winter, but then I remember you are enjoying summer right now!

  3. Deep End, this is why my family LOVE to come and visit us over New Years - not cooking, not even visiting/being visited! They get enough of that all year around, I'm told.

    Dana, no, summer here. Though we had some torrential rain for 1.5 days - and I loved it, we needed the moisture.


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