Monday, March 21, 2011

Changing Threads Vol 3 is Going to be AWESOME!!

I went to the Refinery today to help hang the Changing Threads exhibition.  In addition to Lloyd Hardwood and Ronnie Martin, I worked alongside Jo Kinross, one of my favorite Nelson textile artist.  It's a privilege to be allowed to get close and even handle the pieces, study not only how they are made but how the artists want them installed, how these instructions are written, and how the pieces are packed.  As well, I enjoy hearing everybody involved discuss individual work or the overall exhibition.  And this year, this third Changing Threads exhibition is going to be AWESOME!

I can't tell you the specifics, and I can't show you any photos, (the latter, because I forgot to turn off my camera previously and I had no juice left in the battery,) but many New Zealand fiber artists must have incorporated this annual show in their creative calendar. Textile art in general and submitted pieces in particular seemed to have grown in sophistication; concepts/ideas appear to have gone through more rigorous examinations/transformation, and are executed with more technical competance, producing pieces that appear effortless, but we know it ain't necessarily so.  Chanting Threads is definitely changing the New Zealand textile art scene; this year's exhibition will have a different feel to the previous two. 

Meanwhile, Lloyd, Ronnie, Jo and I, along with Refinery's Roger, Duncan and Vicky, have a bit more work to do tomorrow.     

* * * * *

I don't know about where you live, but in New Zealand, a lot of plant and animal matters, (feathers, shells) and stones are sometimes included in textile art.  I've learned from my participation in Handmade for Christchurch that even between New Zealand and Australia, there are so many rules and regulations prohibiting importation of plant and animal matters.  One day, if I become ambitious enough to want to send a piece of work to Australia, I will have to look up what material I can and/or cannot send to Australia.  Note to self.       

Vol 3? Third skein/spool/strand?  

* * * * *

Christchurch's second big quake, the one you've seen many dramatic pictures of, took place on February 22.  It's been a month, and recovery/rebuilding of that city is slowly but surely taking place. I was really hoping to win a bid on this doll, but a bidder from Dunedin beat me.

Japan.  Well, that's probably more complex, because not a lot is straight-forward in that country.  I don't know what to believe any more, except it is going to be a long, long time rebuilding can start in earnest. But all is not lost; on Day 9, a grannie of 80 and her 16-year-old grandson were rescued from the kitchen of their former home.  Grannie was unharmed, just a tad weak, and thanked the rescuers loudly and clearly. The grandson suffered from hypothermia, after climbing onto the roof of the rubble and getting the attention of the rescuers.   

So, here's to human resilience.

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