Sunday, March 6, 2011

Labels and Tags

This is the aforementioned problem with my labels and tags as regards some of my pieces.

As you can see, this piece was damaged when a customer pulled on an old tag (lighter) when it was hanging from the label at the left edge of the hem.  The scarf hung in a rather precarious position in the gallery, where people walk under or past it, so I was aware this was a possibility with more loosely woven pieces or pieces made of softer yarns. But I never expected to see such pulling occur with this hem.

Now that my tags are much heavier, I had to think of a more secure way to hang them without causing damages to the piece itself.  So in the right, I put one end of the thread though the scarf itself; luckily this piece has lacy parts I could thread through without making holes in the piece.  Not so with every piece, so I need to put more thought into how to manage the labels and the tags.

The new label was sewn on the right side so as not to hide the fault.  All the tender pulling and steaming couldn't hide it, so if ever I decide to sell or give this one away I'd like the prospective buyer or recipient to know it's there.


  1. THe colours are amazing! I think even with the pull it looks beautifull!

  2. Oh, thank you, Hannah. I've had a thing about this yellow-gold cotton thread for several years now. I just can't get enough of it.

  3. I've always loved that cotton too: especially with the blues, as you use it.

    It is a shame about the pull, but it's definitely something to consider.

  4. I've really underestimated the stability of this particular fabric, for sure.


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