Saturday, March 26, 2011

I See the Future...

Probably five projects from now.  They are short warps for only two scarves each, because I love making them but my galleries don't like stocking them.  I might fiddle with the sett to make the texture more attractive.


  1. What beautiful colours for your warps!? Have you decided what weave pattern, etc?

  2. I *love* those colors, Meg. What's the fiber & grist? I should put together warps ahead of time, too, rather than creating them just before warping & weaving--really gives you something to look forward to & would be an incentive to keep moving on whatever the current weave is.

  3. Sampling, I've been thinking of weaving my gold/blues&teals pattern in a wider width, so I think I'll use those drafts or make similar "Rococo-inspired" ones. I might try 33EPI rather than the 36EPI to see if I get a nicer hand and more luster from the mercerized cotton. I know these colors will come out drastically differently from the usual gold projects, but I think I'll try one piece of =value, and one of something different from each warp. I still will, some day, try wider gold pieces.

    Kathy, it's mercerized cotton, 20/2. Making warps ahead of time is a two-edges sward for me. Sometimes when I'm really happy with a project, I like that I can just tie on the next warp, saving time and not giving myself a chance to get distracted. It also gives me a chance to tweak projects so I improve the project in the space of a comparatively short time.

    I used to make three warps at a time, and the sad side is sometimes I had enough of a project by the time I was coming to the end of the first warp, and unused warp chains were shoved in the Leftover Warp Drawer/s. Then I'd have to think up of new projects that suit them years later.

    I finally started recording the number of ends and the approximately length and attaching the information on the ties of the chains before they go into the LoWD.


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