Where there is no Smoke...

Life continues to be a bit strange for me, a little on the edge.  I'm looking for a new norm.

I wound the very red warp on the big loom on Tuesday, and had intended to start threading yesterday, but instead I spent the afternoon with Kath Bee. Ostensibly we worked to consolidate and simplify Kath's various Internet presence, (we made some progress, thank you!) but we also talked about natural disasters and ways in which those of us far away can help. Particularly those of us without medical skills or cash. Kath has become involved with Purple Cake Day, a fundraiser started by a Nelson woman who lost family in Haiti, and Kath told me about this new event/group. We talked about press, politics, scale, and value of one life, all topics I've been thinking about for a long time.

Meanwhile, Handmade for Christchurch has made it easy for me to do something about one disaster, and I continue to prep my bit of donation for my adopted home country.  Truth to tell, I really enjoy dealing with the women behind H4C and they keep me wanting to do more for them.

I still smell smoke; it may be getting stronger, and I'm now checking the space under the roof every so often, but I can't find anything. But just in case there is something somewhere, I haven't lit candles or used aromatic oils.

OK, today's donation next, and then threading.

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