Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Often when I'm weaving, I chuckle to myself because I'm doing something so old, time-consuming and archaic, in this 21st Century. Weaving is so slow and so low-tech, and other-worldly.

I tried to be light-hearted about threading today, but the wool was slightly scratchy and I was overcome with boredom several times; I had to take long breaks, go away and read a magazine, watch television, and eat frozen yoghurt.

I threaded just shy of 1/3 of this warp.


  1. i think weaving must have been very high tech in it's early days, ha ha!

  2. I wonder when and where the first loom as we know it, (warp lined up, weft intersecting,) was thought up. It might even have happened at different places more or less spontaneously.


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