Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Broken Joint

 A healthy joint
And a color-coordinated kiss.

EDIT: At around midday my time, Thursday, Cally said:

"Blogger is refusing to let me post a comment on your blog! I have entered about 20 different verification whatsits so far and have lost patience with it. Also, it's time for bed. But is it just me?"

So sorry, anyone else having problems? I haven't changed anything.


  1. That there tiny safety pin was the smallest I had, but it's not too reliable - I think it one of those that came with a purchased garment. So, not sure now long it will last, but at least it doesn't look so dangly.

  2. Just admiring the repair work and thought I'd see if I can leave a comment or if I have the same trouble as Cally... if you are reading this it's working!

  3. It has worked for you, Dot, I see. But but but the repair work - that had to be redone twice, and I don't see that safety pin lasting very long. I'm not thinking of getting those tiny rings used in making necklaces and bracelets... They may be made of stronger/harder metal.

  4. I think Blogger is fighting with OpenID. I prefer to use OpenID as it links direct to my own blog rather than through my empty and pointless "Blogger profile". Blogger/Google are showing imperialist tendencies at the moment which I dislike MUCH!


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