Please Forgive Me for Being a Hypocrite

I love photos and pictures and drawings on your blogs, but I can go on a bit (??) with only words on mine. I'm a such a hypocrite but my blog, for me, is also a diary, to which I frequently refer not only in trying to remember what, when or how I did something, (almost a proof that I don't sit around and do nothing all the time,) but to ascertain accurate dates for tax return purposes, also.)  My peripheral vision caught a not-so polite word, "blogarrhea" on Facebook yesterday, and while I prefer to call what I do "cognitive discharge", I see not a lot of difference in the two.  And, oh, yes, I took it personally.
So, here's the Invisiblest Log Cabin in the world, so far.  The problem is, I put in medium-dark and medium-light navy in the warp and medium and medium-light purple in the weft.  Doh! Usually there is that magical time of late afternoon and the magical angle from which I can see the squares and rectangles, but this one, nada.  Today was the fourth time I've tried photographing this and still, nada.

This is the first of five from this warp, but seeing as it will take 5-10 days to weave one scarf, after I'm done with this piece, I shall proceed to the Big Loom with Tim's, (belated 50th birthday, due 38 months ago,) and Mama's so I can free up the loom to weave whatever loony, I mean, loomy things I need for the two exhibitions.

I have finally started, I think I'm qualified to say, on my tax return work.  I have slacked off on Carla Sonheim drawings after a cruisey first couple of days, but I hope to return to it.  Ronette resumes figure drawing class on February 3, and I have paid and secured my place.  Though my walnut husk solution finally started to look a bit tired, I think I can get a couple of more pale brown lots from it. First of two loads of firewood was delivered this morning; I am not stacking even one piece of it. And thank you for reading these not very insightful words. I shall now return to shuffling receipts and old envelopes and dried/discolored Post-It bits.


Vicki Allen said...

No one could ever, ever accuse you of "blogarrhea". It is evident that you are very considering of what you post to your blog. I await with anticipation and delight to see what thoughts, projects, and adventures you are having around the world from me. Your blog gave me the courage to call myself (out loud) a weaver.
Keep up the good work and thank you so much for sharing your ideas, conclusions and every day experiences with all of us.
Vicki Allen, weaver
Georgia, USA

margery meyers haber said...

What Vicki [so beautifully] said.

Meg said...

Oh, blush. Thank you, Vicki Allen, WEAVER, and Margery. I do think, sometimes, "well, I wrote that one or twice beofre, kiddo!" and though I do some editing, and sometimes take out whole paragraphs, I am long-winded and "wordy", which was my English Prof's favorite critique on all of my papers. I can still see that word in Dr Vane's neat handwriting. Anyhoo, I do aim to be more succinct. And more pictures.