Tiny Project - January

I'm relieved I didn't show you a month's worth of lettuce patch photos this year. What was I thinking! This was the tiny project I undertook in January.
While at home, Mama and I started writing on tiny notebooks something that may (or may not) help us later with our weaving; seeds of inspirations, you could say. Though I started out with gusto, on the subject of "artifacts", (four pages at the start of the notebook,) as we got busier with Dad, mine fell way by the wayside until I was on the bus heading to the airport to come back. Not wanting to forfeit the comfortable bond of writing into similar notebooks, I concocted a tiny assignment for myself for this month, something I knew I could absolutely commit to.

I enjoyed the absence of responsibility as a result of this; it was just one thing a day of something I may or may not want to revisit. Among these, though, I would consider spending some time thinking about.

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Meg said...

Kaz of Curious Weaver posted on her Facebook page yesterday:

"The pursuit of excellence is gratifying and healthy -The pursuit of perfection
is frustrating and neurotic. It is also a terrible waste of time."
Medicine words - Obviously written by a neurotic human - so I can identify with it!

"From "Gold Nuggets" - Readings for Experiential Education"

Ergo the very last entry for the 31st. I almost expected her to define the two so I can go for the excellence and not the perfection, but she didn't... Kinda makes you think, no?