Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Send Me Some Yarn

Yes, seriously. Please. It goes something like this.

Two years ago when I first conceived of a solo show called "What You See Is What You Get", one of the things I knew I would like to do was to have a wall filled with colorful A4 or A5 sheets of paper printed with what you would have sent me: a photo of your work, a photo of you if you like, one or two paragraphs of your musings on handweaving, your name, and your url of some kind if you've got one. Among other things, I wanted to appeal to the skeptics that friends on the Internet are as real, valuable, and beneficial as in-person ones.

But now that WYSIWYG has turned into a group exhibition, and I feel as though it has been taken over by those more experienced with exhibitions, (not a bad thing necessarily,) I've been thinking how I could incorporate/drag all of you in my part of the exhibition.

I'd like to ask you for one meter/one yard (and no more) of yarn/thread; it can be a yarn that best represents you, that you like the best, or a leftover from your last project.  Or something stuck on the back of your slippers. I'd like to incorporate all of them into one piece, and energy and sanity permitting, I don't want to "just" use them as wefts in a plain weave wall hanging, but hope to weave something a bit more considered. Maybe include the envelope/packaging in the piece.

So, will you?

Please send me one meter/one yard of yarn.  Please mail/post them to:

Meg Nakagawa
PO Box 1752
New Zealand

between now and June 30, 2012

At this time, all I can think of in return is I shall list your name, (of preference if you prefer not to use your real name,) in the title card that goes on the wall. Thank you for your help in advance.

* * * * *
Thank you for your contribution/donations; they are seen here in the order received.

Thank you, Kaz Madigan, Curious Weaver.
Thank you, Connie Rose, Constance Rose: Textiles and Mixed Media.
Thank you, Cally Booker, Cally Booker/Bonnie Claith.
Thank you, Mette Frøkjær, Mette Frøkjær.
Thank you, Margery Haber, She Treadles.
Thank you, Gaye Sutton, Gaye Sutton.
Thank you, Dianne Dudfield, Dianne's Loom Talk.
Thank you, Peg Cherre, Weaving a Gem of Life.
Thank you, Holly Haynes, Honeysuckle Loom.
Thank you, Sampling.
Thank you, Doni Chiesa, Doni's Deli.
Thank you, Kathryn Harmon.
Thank you, Judy Nolan, Fibres of Being.
Thank you, Sandy Gunther, Weaving Trails.

Thank you, JM, Spin it - Swatch it.
Thank you, Daniella Zeni Bomatter, zeni. l' atelier au presbytère.
Thank you, Rachel Beckman, Rachel Beckman.
Thank you, Dorothy Lumb, Dot's Fibre to Fabric.
Thank you, Mette Frøkjær.
Thank you, Nancy Sayer.
Thank you, Terri Bibby, Weaving a Life.
Thank you, Gail Gondek and Fog and members of New York Guild of Handweavers , NYC, and Jocky Hollow Weavers Guild, NJ.
Thank you, Esmae Emerson, Hope, New Zealand


  1. for you, of course! Can I participate even if I'm not a weaver? (I have yarn!).

  2. Oh, absolutely, Lainie. Thank you so much!

  3. I'm on it! This sounds like a really fun project, Meg.

  4. Oh, thank you, Margery. It's going to be either great fun, or a mind-bending conundrum. :->

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog. Will gladly send you sting/yarn for your project. It will be in the post Monday.
    Sarah in Canada

  6. Thank you very much, Sarah.

  7. I also just found your blog and love this idea. I can't wait to see what you create. I will definitely be sending you some. May I tell my other buddies about this?

  8. Thank you, Raithnat, and by all means, please do let others know, too.

  9. I'm a bit slow finding this post! What fun, I shall send you a metre of something handspun.

  10. What a funny idea!
    Have already posted 1 meter of leftover warp from my latest weaving.
    It'll be great fun to see the result. You will sure have fun creating it.
    Mette from Denmark

  11. Thank you, Dorothy. I look forward. Mette, thank you. I hope I end up with something interesting.

  12. Hi Meg
    - are you still in need of yarn?
    When in Sweden I stumpled upon a basket with two handfulls of balls of old, handspun linen yarn - all unbleached but in different colours and textures. I look forward to weaving them into a set of towels for myself - but I would love to send you a portion of each for your project.
    Kind regards

  13. Yes, Mette, still receiving/appreciating. They sound beautiful, but precious. How about if you send me small amounts of each totaling in one meter??

  14. They are beautiful - and precious (but not in the economical sense)-
    samles are on their way. It is good to feel rich and share :-)
    I have sent you an email enclosing a photo of the basket full of beautiful linen yarn.

  15. Gratefully received last night, Mette. Thank you very much - and so many!


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