Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Waiting for a Sign?

I vacuumed the basement almost like there is no tomorrow, (first time this year), and cleaned, (first time in about six months,) and waxed, (first time in two years? I heard creaky noises from an unfamiliar direction,) the big loom, while trying to feel, rather than think or plan, the next one. Two sets of yarns have been at the forefront of my thinking: the sewing silks and rayon and nylon sewing machine embroidery threads, OR a set of six reds in cotton, mill ends Mom sent me a few years ago.

I've never woven with either.  I can't see what kind of pieces I want to weave.
Meanwhile, Connie Rose sent me a little bit more than a yard! Thank you, Connie. I've already cut off one meter to put into the project; the rest into another piece.

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