End of Monday

The good news is, I have 20cm to go on Tim's scarf, so if I'm hasty I could finish it tomorrow. The bad news is, at this point it looks as if there is more than one scarf left on the warp, so even if I make Mama's Weaver's Scarf a bit long, there might even be one more scarf!! Crikey!

Group R met again today, and we had a focused discussion on the format and size of our one joint piece.  We had a format in mind, but I kind of lead the discussion to explore many formats before we went back to the original idea, and I don't know about the others but I enjoyed the discussion and the immediate, rather than the considered, reaction of the others. I'll tell you more about it when I start working on my part of it.

I reported to the group where I was with the "Professor, Father, Patient" piece. This is not for our Beginnings exhibition but rather for submission for Changing Threads, (photo due Feb 17; work due March 14,) or the National Exhibition in Blenheim, (paperwork due March 1; work due March 12).  And we sort of settled on Option C (the green fade-out option) for the left side of the weft, to show off the weave structure. But the problem is, I need to submit this to Changing Threads, because it's so not the sort of work one submits to the National Exhibition of the the NZ Guild.  I mean, I'm going to include deliberate threading and weaving mistakes, I might pull out warps and wefts after I weave, and who knows what else I'll think of doing. If my best foot forward with a tight weave a few years ago was rejected for "too many technical mistakes", even though the selectors will be different for the Blenheim exhibition, I can imagine a few ladies from the Blenheim having bad palpitations if I send them something that should be in Changing Threads!  So now the plan is for me to keep calm and weave the cashmere scarves on the big loom, and come, say, middle of next week, I think I'm going to have to officially give up on Changing Threads this year and concentrate on the National Exhibition.  (Goodness, that was a long paragraph but can you tell I'm thinking as I type? So if you've never met me in person you can at least imagine how I talk sometimes when I get excited about a project can't you?)

I wanted to submit something to Changing Threads this year, if nothing else, as a hats-off to Ronnie Martin who gives me a lot of advice and who's idea CT was in the first place, but the more I think, the saner it is for me to give it up now and concentrate on weaving something lovely for the National Exhibition. Especially since I am more used to that kind of work.  I'll be (and, well, Ronnie,) the only one not having had work in Changing Threads, but that's OK; I"m not worried about that.

But, the funny thing is, the colorful warp has grown on me, so I still might go downstairs and make the left side of the warp tonight. Just bringing it up to where I can start thinking about that project, whether I actually do it or not.  And it might be something that might go into Beginnings.

Oh, and we didn't do the personal color thing.  The topic came up, but either someone read my blog, or others weren't that interested, or something else.  To tell the truth, if push came to shove, I was going to do it; our group does have that kind of a dynamic, but I'm still relieved we didn't go that way.  We did a bit of non-dominant-hand drawing, blind contours, and some emotions drawing.

Goodness me, does this mean I'm really not going to submit anything to Changing Threads??? I do feel a little sad now.

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Meg said...

Yes, I'm moving on. After the cashmere, National Exhibition. I might revisit the colorful warp after National with Beginnings in mind, but no Changing Threads.

I already feel relieved.