Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Morning After..

The excitement was too much, all I could do after the last post yesterday was to vegetate on the couch gazing at the TV where there was absolutely nothing.  I've too much to do before I go, I kept telling myself, but my body wouldn't move. 

And while visualizing me having a great time in Brisbane, (which I know I will,) I couldn't stop the voices saying, "I shouldn't have been so rash!", "The following week would have been better!", "I don’t need 3.5 days in Brisbane!", and "What if it floods there again!"

At least how I'm going to pay for the trip was not at the forefront.

The thing that makes me more nervous is this: we all know I have very few commitments and my calendar most weeks have very little other than the Friday morning drawing class. Well, that week, I have a non-weaving commitment I enjoy every Thursday afternoon; then a cheese-making class Thursday night, (Ben and I do these community education classes perhaps twice a decade.) On Friday I need to be at the airport 25 minutes after the class finishes. I get back Tuesday night, and I'm invited to a farewell morning coffee Wednesday morning, and I was hoping to see a mash up opera on film after that. Then the same commitment Thursday afternoon and drawing Friday morning.

I know some people thrive on being busy; I am so not one of them, and I feel tired already.

One of the biggest issues now should be, my airfare allows me to take one 7kg carry-on bag only, so I'm now going to weigh the extra battery and cards for my camera, sketchbook and one or two pencils, wallet, travel documents, the bag, and the unmentionables!

Oh, Ronette gifted me this link this very morning.


  1. And the Friday I arrive, they are open late!

  2. Oh, I'm laughing so hard over this video that I'm in tears!

  3. I know. I've listened to it about a dozen times so far today, and I think Ben's beyond annoyed.


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