Thinking of Those Who Passed, Thinking of Those Who Remain

Wednesday was the first anniversary of the really big earthquake in Christchurch. (A bigger one took place in September 2010, but there was no casualty and the pictures were not as "dramatic" so you may not remember if it.) Japan's anniversary of the big 3/11 events is in 16 days. I feel humbled when I think of these places and especially the people living there, while the ground continues to shake underneath them all the time. I didn't forget you, how could I, but didn't want to write a flippant post in my usual flippant style.

Wednesday night, however, I found a draft I made when I first bought the draft software, one I thought I had deleted and was lost forever. The meshing of patterns and threads in this piece seem to tell me now about meshing and interlacing of people and our fates. And somehow it looked appropriate for the occasion. So here it is. (It is a square gamp, but the software couldn't shrink the view any further.)

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