Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not Bad for One Afternoon

Last night I was shocked to discover it'd been one week since I finished my taxes and I haven't done much work. I've thought a little, I've drawn a tiny bit, and I looked at a warp, but I hadn't done anything. So this afternoon, I went downstairs and:

1) Tried to dye one last batch with the walnut husk solution, only to find it had mildewed in the recent heat! So I washed the urn, scrubbed it, rinsed it, then boiled clean water for a while to make sure it's clean and safe to store.

2) I focused on my priorities: I'm only halfway through with the invisible Log Cabin but I finally started weaving Tim's scarf. I have to free the big loom if I'm to do anything to exhibit. It'd been so long since I sampled and I couldn't make sense of my notes, but after one false start, I can weave roughly 21cm in one sitting of 15-20 minutes, so it'll take nine more sittings. Then there is Mama's scarf to go. I really don't want to take off this warp only to have to put it back on later, so I'll keep going.

3) I worked a little bit on "Professor, Father, Patient".  I need to do some reading before I can tell you about this one.

But it feels so good to be back on the loom bench.


  1. I have a layer of mold at the top of my jars of walnut husk dye. I just skim it off before using the stuff...which I really should do sometime soon because I've got lots of dye!

  2. And today I do MY taxes, which amounts to taking less and less time and paperwork each year as I age.

  3. I didn't think of skimming the top off, Connie, but I did think of ignoring it and just boiling it up again. After all, I do love a good old blue cheese. But in the end the smell won.

  4. Careful you don't overdo it! Glad you are back at the loom, though. I'll definitely send some yarn - choosing is the problem...

  5. Ummm Ummm Ummm Ummm... kinda did. But more on that later... And thanks!


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