Monday Morning this Wednesday

Ben's gone to work and I have the house to myself. I'm supposed to do my tax return work for the next three days, though if I put my mind to it, it only takes one day.

My seven weeks in Japan were very real, a sort of immersion course on the life of oldies in that country. When I came back I couldn't believe how surreal my normal life was, and felt outright guilty I had it so easy. Then, Ben and I taking turns being "sick" (and boy, is this a relative term!) for a couple of weeks was surreal; time was suspended, the outside world didn't exist; we slept a lot and didn't do much thinking.  So, today we're sucked back into our respective realities.

I woke up startled because NZ Guild's National Exhibition submission paperwork is due March 1.  I know, because I'm the one who warns folks about this, but I hadn't realized it's less than two months.   Changing Threads paperwork is due February 17 - that's 45 days and no taking advantage of the leap year here.  I knew these days at the back of the back of my mind; it just hadn't entered my consciousness that December 2011 has come and gone and now it's January 2012.  Panic!

Garden, housework, weaving and dyeing will have to be measured and balanced.  The arms haven't stopped tingling, and I'd like to keep them and hopefully use them until my last day. 

Oh, wah wah wah; this has been such a "Wake Up, Dorothy" morning! Why does the sun have to be so bright??


Meg said...

Still, 301 days to Beginnings installation.

Dianne said...

Its Leap Year - you've got an extra day?

Meg said...

Festival, yes; Changing Threads, no, and you know which one I'm going to drop like a... burned potato first!