Sunday, January 8, 2012


Last lot of the Walnut Husk juice dye, yesterday; well, this morning, because I didn't go downstairs to check until 1AM.

I am such a natural dye newbie I forgot the same solution can yield different colors from one lot to another.  I had this mature, seductive silver gray skeins in the pot, (like seals swimming in shallow sea,) but since I was looking at an already-gray yarn, I thought they were only wet, and wished if only the yarns would look like that when dried!  AND, I forget why I wanted to dye with walnuts in the first place: the lush silver gray!  That's what Doni wrote a while back, I think, and that's why I've been obsessed with walnut dyeing since. Anyway, the liquid looked the same muddy brown, and I kept almost boiling the yarns for half an hour or longer!

What I got instead is one warp of lame matted gray of Japanese-manufactured tweed wool, (the original yarn is much darker than seen here),
And two skeins of mature dreadlocks, middle-aged Medusa wig, or a spoiled cat's plaything; the yarn is the same Australian wool as the second picture yesterday...
But I love, love, love the second color, I'm making three more skeins of this and trying again, keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed I get the same/similar gray.


  1. I thought I'd stop by to wish you a Happy New Year Meg. I have so much reading to catch up've been so busy posting! It's really appropriate that this post is about grey though. The colours are amazing.

  2. Hello, and the same to you! I have two more grays from this batch! I'll post when the latest batch dries. No, wait, the latest look... brown?!?!?!


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