Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Resolution that Isn't

I decided I don't need a resolution.  Even if I don't follow through, living without a resolution is difficult for me because they were important in my upbringing.  Or so I thought until these last couple of years.  My siblings have a surprisingly different take on this; suffice it to say, Sister and Baby Bro see a total lack/neglect/denial of critical listening and screening when it comes to my parents' directives.  And get this, Mama agrees with them! So I've been the only one spending days and weeks evaluating the passing year and selecting and prioritizing New Year's Resolution for the last 30-plus years!

I still have plans or ideas I can take up or not, and it's a short list this year.  And if you've been observing me unravel for years, you've heard it before: I'd like to incorporate dyeing and sculpting (by way of shibori) into my real weaving; "real" meaning not just for fun or experimenting but to incorporate into my weaving either to sell or to exhibit.

I still love the slick flat cloth first and foremost, but I don't want to get stuck with just that, and I'm willing to push myself this year.  I also figure, (and if you have any learned advice, I'd very much appreciate it,) the problem with my arms is going to be a long-term thing, possibly a forever thing, so in order to reduce intensive weaving-on-the-loom time but still stay productive, dyeing/wet-finishing would require different kinds of muscle use and may give me as much pleasure/satisfaction without the harm. 

And that's what I wrote on Connie's blog. I still cringe/laugh at the irony the original injury was caused by stacking firewood, not weaving.

There is a smaller one, but this is more like a reward than a goal: one of you put me on to Carla Sonheim's online classes in your blog.  I've been hoping to do something, especially in these blank summer months when Ronette isn't running drawing classes.  I particularly wanted to do Faces 101 but that particular week I need to get my tax return done, and the Needs List was a bit too complicated to figure out what some of the materials are, with what I might substitute them, or whether I can get similar products in Nelson. I still hope to pick a class or two as a reward for finishing the dreaded Tax work.

After a few days of continuous rain, the last sunset of the year was really big.


  1. Oh my, resolutions? You have been so busy already that I am just catching up... I love that you managed to incorporate textile time with your mother into the trip. And I will take some loom pics tomorrow, though only one of the looms has anything on it...

  2. Naked looms are beautiful, too! Look forward!!!


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