Almost Forgot...

Tonight is New Year's Eve 2011, which means tomorrow is New Year's Day 2012. So I was thinking, would anyone like to do another round of A Day in the Life of Looms again? If so, take picture/s of your loom/s on January 1 your time and post one per loom and send me a link to your post, or send me JPG file/s.

(Oooops, three of my five babies look the same today as they did at the start of this year!)

EDIT: Naked looms are beautiful!  It's not so much about us and our work, but more in appreciation to our looms.


  1. All of my looms are naked and unless some miracle happens or pixies come in the middle of the night and warp them, they'll be naked on New Year's Day. I do enjoy seeing others' pictures though, so thank you for doing this again.

  2. Naked looms are pretty, too, you know. Go on, join us!


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