Japan - Part 7: Random Pics

I've always lived in houses facing West.
A dye shop.  In the old days if you got tired of a kimono, or if you inherited one, these shops could take it apart, wash/dedye it, and dye to your taste.
A fruit shop at the bottom, residence above. 
Kitchenware shop in the neighborhood I lived until May 1970.  Ben was looking for a tea pot. 
Poultry shop Mama patronized. 
From memory, there was a veggie shop at front left, a fruit shop at front right, but the fish shop at the back is still there.
One of the three eatery I spotted which remained more or less unchanged since the mid-60's.
Two buildings.
Tofu shop; all products made at the back of the shop.
"Osozai" shop.  They sell cooked/prepared food; probably precursor to large-scale food processing companies. 
The small black building is a small warehouse well-to-do houses used to have.  I've seen these in the country, but very seldom in the cities.  This was very near where I used to live until 1970.
More future.

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