Japan - Part 11: Last Lot of Random Pics

A station named "Princess", Gifu Pref.
Gifu Castle Tower.
Where I was standing when I took the Tower pic.  Which should have warned me of things to come...
My big mistake, or adventure: The Path of Contemplation.  I chose it among the five or six paths available to come down from the castle tower because I liked the name; about 70% of the track consisted of descending steep rock face, (not like the path shown here.)  Many people had proper climbing shoes and climbing poles; I had my town sneakers on, and a water bottle and some snacks in my purse.  I grossly underestimated the serious side of Japanese walkers, but in the end, I came off the mountain unscathed and refreshed.  But late for my bullet train.
The size of your bottom...
Mom had some help moving Dad's office into the living room so he can blog and Skype from the comfort of the... living room, and so Mom can join in or look at weaving blogs.
Bye bye, my country; until next trip.

For an uneventful trip, (especially compared to Jan 2010 trip,) with a smaller-than-ever number of photos, I found quite a few I find interesting. I can't wait for my next trip to Japan so I can venture into another smaller city, wherever that will be.


Kaz said...

Wonderful images Meg. Japan is such an inspiring place. Hope you are home and well - returning to the ecstasy of weave and textiles. Kaz

Meg said...

Thank you, Kaz. The mind is ready, the arm, iffy, but I promised Mama we'll do Katazome dye on a warp chain together, (that is, around the same time) and weave it to see what happens. I'm keen to plan this project.