Japan - Part 3: Mini Exhibition

Today was Mama's last lesson for the year and her students were kind enough to bring a few of their favorite pieces from the past year and a half of weaving.
Mrs E's knotting.  The colors are a bit more subtle than they appear here. The piece, she tells us, usually sits on one chair in the living room but nobody is allowed to sit on this piece, so it is quickly removed whenever the chair is needed. 
Mrs E has a gray silk kimono jacket, and she slashed the leftover fabric intending to make a matching bag.   After weaving the fabric, she didn't have the heart to cut into it, so now it's a good-sized wall-hanging.
Mrs T's knotting.  Mama must like teaching it. 
Mrs T's latest piece: tapestry.  This piece looks much better against a dark brown background.  After the last session, we had a robust discussion and demonstration on how to show woven work at their best.
Mrs T's fav scarf; she's still nervous about wet-finishing, so she's going to wear this as is to an End of Year party, and then take the plunge in the new year.  
Mrs Y's knotting, framed in Mama's fav style. In real life, this colors are a little brighter and more nuanced. 
Mrs Y's wall-hanging, containing lovely subtle color variations.  The frame/hanger is one of many Mama bought in India many years ago.  Do forgive the uncouth background.

The very best of luck to these three lovely weavers in the coming year.  


  1. It's great to see and read about what you're doing. Love the pictures of the students! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. You must be so proud to have a mother who inspires such beauty!

  3. Welcome, Sherri. As for my doing, it makes for a mundane story - housework, grocery shopping, telling the parents something is not broken but needs recharging, over and over again! :-)

    Margery, thank you for pointing that out; I needed that. I always felt Mom gives too many definitive directions and not enough freedom, but that's not true at all.

  4. Lovely work by the students, and I'm guessing wierd/good for you to see your mother a bit through others' eyes.
    I hope that while helping your parents your body has been healing up and you'll be able to do some weaving yourself soon.

  5. Yes, definitely, re. seeing my Mama through others' eyes. Yes. Humble pie.

  6. I absolutely love the knotted pile by Mrs T. I bet nobody gets to sit on that either...

  7. Can't say, as she didn't mention where she usually has it, but all three seem to use most of what they make - I've seen at least one scarf of their own making worn by all three of them.

    Mom actually got very inspired by seeing some of their earlier work and my brother's comment about an old tapestry of hers and started a smallish "spontaneous" tapestry as well.


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