Japan - Part 8: Random Pics

Train station at bottom right, the first gate to Chinatown in Yokohama in the middle. From memory the cream colored obscenity was a freeway weaving through town.
Chinese tea shop at the entrance of Chinatown.
After hours of walking up and down Chinatown in a downpour, we finally settled on this restaurant.  As  you can see, it was rather late by the time we came out.
Partition of the room where we were served.
"Beware of pushy Roasted Chestnut merchants!" an official warning from the Police.
At a fancy "fruit parlor"; one of the last outings  before Ben came home.
Fruit wholesaler (?) near Akihabara.
Aki-Oka, a new development near Akihabara Station famous for the electronic shops.  They cleaned out under the railway tracks and installed 30+ craft shops.
Our favorite; a handmade leather wallet shop.
Almost six, and learning how to wash rice from Grandma.
Hee hee.
Mt Fuji above our roof - the gray roof in the foreground is us.

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