Japan - Part 10: More Random Pics

An antique shop in my parents' current neighborhood.  I didn't go in, but spotted the empty silk spools outside.
Mt Fuji in the rain from the bullet train.  I took a two-night-three-day trip to Gifu Prefecture (historic Mino Region) to learn more about Oribe style pottery; Mama and I have been nuts about Oribe since we watched a wonderful documentary during my last trip.  It's a very whimsical, erratic and modern style that flourished only for one generation, and it was wonderful to learn the historical context.

In retrospect I realize I don't have any photos of true (old) Oribe ware, as local museums didn't allow photography.  When my catalogs and postcards arrive from Japan, I will post some here if I remember.  
Gifu-Hashima Station, the most underutilized (is that even what I want to say?) bullet train station in the nation.
A preserved street in Gifu City.
This house comes with its own mini shrine!
Historical dig of a 1500s (I think) fort-castle in Gifu city.
Preparing the trees for snowfall, Gifu Castle Park.
Gifu Castle Tower seen from the local train; it's the blip on the highest hill towards the right, but I could see it from miles and miles away.
1600s climbing kiln, Toki City, Gifu Pref; home of Oribe pottery.
The "feet".
Recreation of how one level of the climbing kiln would have been stacked.  The new pieces were stacked on the "feet".
Climbing kiln, exterior.
Between the Toki City Ceramic History Museum and the climbing kiln.
Spotted at the back of a smaller-than-a-whole-in-a-wall sushi shop; Tajimi City, Gifu Pref.

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