Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Resolutions - Do I Need One??

With my 2011 summary out of the way, (or so I decided), I've been wondering if I need to consider goals and/or resolutions for 2012. Then, this morning, I found this post by Connie Rose.   Though I love her work and would love to have a quilt piece by her, what's been puzzling me has been, "one new thing you envision for yourself or your art in 2012." 

The first thing that came to me was to not worry about the big picture and concentrate on each piece/series on hand, but in my making, I do concentrate on the piece/series on hand; it's only when  blogging that I begin to worry about the big picture, some of the time. In my making, I either have always been, am, or have become more relaxed and in-the-moment, which I may not have known until today.

Ben and I weeded a bit this morning; my lettuce patch and half of the veggie patch was cleared and some seeds sewn directly.  The task should have been done about a month ago, but that's life; we still have plenty of summer left I'm hoping we'll get some tomatoes and zucchinis in addition to quite a few varieties of red/purple lettuces.  All I need to do is water, weed and wait.    

If you didn't know, Connie has another blog; it changes name from time to time to reflect Connie's take on life, but it's a lovely place where I can check where I am in life and feel led by Connie, in knowing and not knowing why we do what we do. 


  1. Thanks for the links, Meg. I've put you in the giveaway folder despite your not knowing yet what you what you want to change or add to your art or life in 2012!

  2. Oh, I'm coming back to the subject, Connie, don't worry.

  3. I got it. I don't know why I didn't think of it yesterday: I would like to include hand-dyeing as part of my making, as in dye things myself to incorporate into my serious weaving. And/or sculptural aspects via shibori. These have been on the back burner long enough.


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