Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Day in the Life of Looms 2012

Mine, 2:15 PM, 1/1/2012, Nelson, New Zealand, 41°18 0"S / 173°13'10"E.
Rigid Heddle; I might put the first project of the year on this one.  More on this later.
8-shaft sample loom unfortunately didn't see any progress in 2011.
16-shaft Klik has the same color (as last year) but a different experimental warp.
4-shaft Jack has the last of the cashmere Log Cabin warp.
16-shaft Mac has the dark gray cashmere warp; Tim's birthday scarf is next, then Mom's.

4-shaft Jack loom. Why am I weaving a braid in the Creative Fibre colours? You will have to wait till festival this April to find out.
8-shaft table loom. Not sure if you call this a naked loom or not.
There is no warp on it but it is loaded with fabrics waiting to be made into garments.
8-shaft countermarch. An odd photo but I wanted to show both sides of the fabric - very different. I didn't particularly need another woolly sofa throw right on summer holiday time but I weaving keeps me sane - and the slubby multicolour yarn was looking at me.


  1. Meg, Great to see everyone's looms!!!!

    I posted mine just now here:

    You can delete this comment if you want, once you're done with the link!!

    Happy New Year and thanks for carrying on this tradition!

  2. I like that slubby throw - very colourful. Mine are here and a bit underdressed, frankly.

  3. Hi, Meg - Happy New Year, and wishes for a wonderful 2012. My post is at

  4. My post is here

  5. Thanks for all the lovely looms, weavers! What a "trip"!!

  6. What a great idea! I'm in -- here's mine.

    Thanks, Meg!

  7. I've just posted mine, about 40 minutes late. We're a little behind you guys in time I think, due to the curvature of the earth.

    I also posted my final samples from college. I was wondering why noone had commented on them, because I made the post up a couple of weeks ago, and it turned out i'd just saved it without posting it. whoops.

    Happy new year :)

  8. I just sent my link by email, but maybe this is easier:

    I like the ratchet theme! And I firmly believe that when any kind of purple yarn looks at you you should buy it a drink and take it out for dinner. Life's too short...

  9. No worries. And Andy, yeah, you can't expect us to comment on invisible posts! :-P

  10. Hi Meg,
    I just posted mine at
    Lovely tradition and so fun to see what everyone is up to.
    Thanks for this.
    A day late,

  11. No worries, Susan B, but hey, the wheel is cheating a bit!! :-)

  12. Thank you Meg. This was more than just a bit of fun, it has been a whirlwind tour around the world and very reassuring to 'touch base' with all those weavers. Looks like I am the only one who's not brave enough to have my own blog. Talk to me after Festival!

  13. I could talk to you, but then not everybody needs a blog, I think, like people who are too busy weaving? :->


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