Friday, January 13, 2012

That Kinda Friday

I worked too hard doing housework on Wednesday so I was a little tired on yesterday and elected to do Not A Lot. Today was looking to go the same way, so I decided I'd do something productive, if not what I was supposed to have finished last Friday: tax returns.  Which ended up having to select a few photographs of my pieces.  I'll see if I can collect my thoughts on this subject for another post; truth to tell I've been thinking about this for nearly two years now.  Suffice it to say, the photos representing me on the Internet are all over the place; I can't even remember some of the places I created profiles/accounts, and some are those artist directory type places.  Yikes.

And, boy, does my hard drive need some serious tidying up!

* * * * *

Looking at stuff I made made me want to weave, so I decided to weave for just 15 minutes.  According to my notes, the last time I wove was early August last year, (except for the Pomegranate combo in Jaapn,) and it was good for this weaver to, errr, weave.

The piece is another almost-invisible Log Cabin, but the great thing about Log Cabin is, the wefts go in either A-B-A-B or B-A-B-A alternately, so the order lets me know where I am.  13.5 minutes in, with one more pick to go, I realized the order was wrong; this block should end with A so I can resume tomorrow with A, but noooooo!!!  I unpicked for seven minutes, then wove for another five, and left it 39 picks shorter than where I was before. But I walked away.   Maybe if I'm good, I can do two lots of 15 minutes tomorrow.

Knowing it'd be hard to walk away from the loom after only 15 minutes which turned into 25.5 minutes, I had selected three cones to prepare for dyeing before I started weaving, which was a tood strategy.  I made two skeins each of two types of yarn, finished up the day sticking them in the urn, and headed for the shower.

But you know, showers are dangerous; ideas inflilterate your head then consumes your thoughts. 

Because I liked the way my non-Ikat warp (in the fourth pic) turned out, I wound two skeins of the same yarn am tying randomly again this evening.  This can be the weft for this warp, or for another. The tying, though, I have to proceed with caution, because there's a lot of wrist action in tying.

* * * * * 

Errata: the warp chain shown in the first pic is NZ merino, because I knew when I made the warp that it was merino.  Which means the pale gray cone I'm loving this time around is most probably Australian merino.  I can't tell the difference by looking at them very closely, except the NZ merino was undyed and probably why the brown is so saturated.  They feels extremely similar, if not identical.  If you towered above me and insisted they are different, then the only thing I may be willing to admit is that the NZ merino could be slightly skinnier. Depending on the way you hold your tongue.

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