Friday, September 7, 2012

"Pillars" Drafts

I finished weaving the last, fourth, pillar Tuesday afternoon, and though there is much more to do, I feel as though the October exhibition is finished for me. I've found it hard to muster enthusiasm this week.

Here are the drafts of the four pillars; as you can see, (or not as in the second and third drafts the bottoms are cut off.) A little over the bottom half are identical in all four; it is only the bottom of the top half that is very different. Draft lengths are modified to suit the suspected shrinkage difference of each weft constitution. (The drafts seem to appear clearer if you click on them.)
Pillar 1
Pillar 2
Pillar 3
Pillar 4

The regular gaps in the draft tell me I must insert the fishing line in the next pick. I've washed the first three; the fourth is still on the loom as I'm continuing to weave the remainder of the warp as a memento, (not that I'm expecting to sell the pillars at the exhibition, but since this last "sample" looks like it will be a tad short of 150cm long, I can hang it in look room!) 

I've been contemplating whether to keep the fishing lines in the pieces; each pillar has 19 in them, and the pressed pillars look pretty straight/true, but I don't know how they will distort being hung in a gallery for a month, and we've been having a lot of of rain and it may just continue. The real problem is I can't hang these at my house to experiment, but I haven't had the chance to take one/them to Pat's house because of the, um, rain. 

Though they are close to the paper model in size, as finished pieces they seem so small, and I wonder if four of these are going to make a descent display in the gallery. It's strange to want to see something for two and a half years and when it's done and kind of in front of me, I'm overwhelmed by the ho-hum-ness of the... result. We'll see how it goes in the gallery, eh. 


  1. perhaps you just need a little distance and when you see the show installed it will capture you again.

  2. Oh, so true, Laura, physical and emotional distance. In this case, though, physical distance in particular. But let's just say... I'm also prepared to see something different from what I have been picturing??


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