The Warp of Shame

That long painful howl you heard from the bottom of the planet today was moi.
Though for a much shorter period than usual, I did observe, arrange, and edit my warp colors over several days, during the day and at night, on sunny and cloudy days, with and without the lights on. So why did I have such a different picture in my head than what was right in front of me? I am speechless.
The irony is, if I set out to make a rainbow gradation warp, I doubt I would have come up with such a smooth transition.



Dianne said...

The warp is fabulous, energised. What did you have in mind? I'm more amazed by your stash. Lucky you.

Sonya said...

It might not be what you had in mind, but it's gorgeous! (And I am jealous of your stash too.)

bitingmidge said...

I thought of you yesterday Meg, as we were being escorted by a young friend who is a student of textile history....


Perhaps it could be her graduation wrap! ;-)



margery meyers haber said...

Sometimes you control the warp, and sometimes it controls you. Perhaps there's a wonderful surprise in store. Go with it.

Maria the fibrefinger said...

Meg I love the rainbow and your samples looked fab! Stepping beyond the box time?

Meg said...

Thank you, folks.

I do have a very enviable 2/20 cotton stash. That's my pride and joy. Joan from Blenheim told me I shouldn't only say I'm a weaver, but also that I collect yearns!

Hi, Pete!

Margery, beyond the box? You must mean, two zip codes over??

Maria, remember some time ago we talked about aesthetics of Scandinavia/Finland and Japan? When I make merchandises for galleries I try to make things the galleries want, and in that process, as well as to challenge myself, I've been using bright AND saturated colors and combinations with strong contrasts.

I'm glad I am not intimidated by colors any more, but I like analogous, and I thought the exhibition was one place I could use my own colors, and that's why this warp annoys the heck out of me. But as you said, these are colors I use in my usual weaving, so it shouldn't bother me so much.

It was lovely to talk to you today. I appreciate your observations.

Meg said...

Maria, I think the biggest disappointment was I was making a self-portrait, and I felt a "complicated red" with a few sparks in other colors was me, whereas I don't feel an affinity to a regularly gradated rainbow. But since we have a whole lot of muted works in the exhibition, it will look good in the context. Goodness, I have a complicated reaction to this.