A while back I bought this postcard from Connie Rose. Like the last time I bought a postcard from her, I asked her not to put it in an envelope like a merchandise, but send it to me like a normal postcard. Well, it's been well over a month and either my postcard fell out of the plane somewhere between California and New Zealand, or a US/NZ postal worker helped themselves to a lovely gift. Connie offered me a chance to select another one, but I really wanted this, so I asked for a photo file instead.

That's the nature of what we make, isn't it? Sure, if you're concerned about the money you spend, an alternate piece may do, but if you invest feelings into a particular piece, when you make or when you buy, it's irreplaceable. So I'm very happy with the file and intend to test printing on different types of paper. (I have a small stash of Japanese postcards in different textures for printers.)

Connie's textile postcards are amazingly complex and stand repeated close inspection. I find new interesting bits every time I pick mine up.

I don't want to be a tease, so though I'll leave the details until later, this is the SSVE-like idea I have. Following Sampling's success, I haven't been able to stop thinking of a wee online exhibition of wee pieces - say, 10cm by 10cm - without utilitarian purpose but just lovely cute pieces to look at. Anyone game?

The thing is, I don't know what kind of a time frame I should go for. Since you can work on it at your own pace, do you think the Big Reveal is possible, say, January 1, 2013?? I find too long a lead time can decrease a project's won momentum; on the other hand some of us want enough time to think, sample, rethink and then execute, (and even change our minds?) December 1 felt a little too soon for me personally, and it's a busy season in very many faiths. Later in January felt a tad too far into the future. Plus, if you make your piece/s in Nov/Dec, you might like it so much you may make some more for cards or gifts.

Your input is very much appreciated.

My design process. Yesterday I got so frustrated, I put on my Big Girl pants and decided to do as I pleased. I'm combining methods prescribed in the course I did once, but I'm going back and forth like I usually do until I find myself land somewhere I'm comfortable.


Carol said...

Gosh, Meg, I hope your postcard appears. It really is lovely. You never know, maybe it's just fallen through the postal cracks and will pop up again.

Meg said...

Yes, Carol, I still remain hopeful, but if you see it floating near you, please scoop it up and save it for me?