It feels like winter is back in little old Nelson. There is fresh snow on the hills, icy (for Nelson, mind you,) blusters coming from that direction, and the temperature just doesn't get up in spite of the sun.

I got quite excited seeing this photo on Facebook this morning, thinking, even though I've never set out to weave anything ribby (though a couple came out slightly that way inclined) and have not experimented that much with woven shibori, the charcoal gray and the orange red bit can be recreated in wool quite easily. At least in my head. And because I love volcanoes, this is definitely going to go on my list. And because we don't need even-width warps for this, it might actually be a good way to practice spinning and to use it in the weft. But there are so many ways to work on it.

I've been good about sticking to Self-Portrait design work and not get too distracted. Though I am loosely following the instructions from Alison's correspondence course I took in 2002, and finding I dislike the same steps and don't understand the same things as I did in 2002-2005. (It took me three and a half years to finish a six-month course.) I don't know if this means I haven't learned anything, or if these are pointing to areas/factors I dislike. But no time to ponder.

I was stunned last night while I was watching the news that our exhibition opening starts in three-weeks-minus-40-minutes from that moment. (OK, the tense in this last sentence sounds weird.) I actually stopped breathing for a short while. Whatever. I must move forward.


Sonya said...

That's a gorgeous photo. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with...

Meg said...

Isn't it just? It satisfies my volcano lust.