Saturday, September 22, 2012

Window Display

We install the exhibition a week from tomorrow. Page & Blackmore, the only independently-owned bookshop in Nelson, has kindly lent us window space to promote our exhibition. When I approached the window this evening, a man was looking carefully at the display, stepped back and read the poster, and I was very pleased.
Stella, in the floral dress in the above link, carefully chose not only the subject of the books but also the cover design and colors. Thank you so much, Stella and P&B.


  1. Nice to see India's book in the 2nd photo. Re: independent bookshops, we have ONE independent bookshop in the area selling new books, and it's in Arcata. The rest are used book shops. And the only non-indie shop, Borders, closed about a year ago.
    Have a great weekend.
    I have a great idea for replacing that postcard, iffen you want a replacement. Your call.

  2. We have to used bookshops, but one at least used to have a pretty good art section. I think they are more focused on fiction and non-fiction (memoirs, social commentaries, and the like) now. The other one has funky T Shirts, LOL.

    Connie, when have I EVER said no to anything you touched??? :-D


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